Carl Crawford Signing Autographs In LA (Video)

Last Wednesday, fans gathered outside the New York Yankees' downtown LA hotel were treated to an unexpected bonus, when Dodgers OF Carl Crawford was spotted in the backseat of an SUV, as the automobile headed north on Georgia Street, just before making a right onto Olympic Blvd. The former Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays star invited folks to his vehicle, for a brief interaction, prior to the light turning green. Video of this scene is visible courtesy of the above original clip.

Shortly after the Crawford sighting, the great Mariano Rivera provided this same group of fans with an extended autograph signing session. That remarkable display of fan friendly behavior is available via this original video link.

Crawford is playing in his first full season in LA, after what turned out to be a very tumultuous and underachieving 1.5-year stint with the Red Sox. Last August's mega trade, which also brought star 1B Adrian Gonzalez back to the West Coast, has allowed Crawford the opportunity to resurrect a once stellar career, in which the now 32-year-old made four All-Star appearances, while manning the outfield in St. Petersburg.

Though he still has not come close to living up to his seven-year/$142 million contract, without question, Crawford is in considerably better spirits these days, amid playing baseball for a big market team, that just so happens to be located a very long ways from the baseball powder keg of Boston.