Up Close Look At Derek Jeter's Replacement (Video)

Does anyone in MLB have bigger shoes to fill this season than Didi Gregorius? It is always difficult to replace a legend and there has been no greater icon in modern-day baseball than that of the great Derek Jeter. Acquired from Arizona in December, Gregorius, a 25-year-old native of Amsterdam (raised in Curacao) will assume the role of Yankees shortstop on opening day, the first time someone other than Jeter has done so since 1995, except for 2013, when Jeter opened the season on the disabled list.   

One major difference between Gregorius and Jeter will occur on the 1st and 15th of each month. In 2015, the new Yankees SS will earn $554,000. This is compared to Mr. Jeter, who earned $12 million last season, capping a career in which the Yankees paid him an astronomical $265 million.

Above is original video of Gregorius stretching, fielding ground balls and taking batting practice prior to a recent spring training game. The footage was gathered by Stein-O-Mite Media, an outstanding video production company in Estero, Florida.