Cubs Players In Awe Of Their New Wrigley Field Clubhouse (Video)

Cubs new Wrigley Field ClubhouseThis month, Chicago’s venerable Wrigley Field turns 102-year-old. While the legendary ballpark certainly possesses many unique nooks and crannies, due to its age and small geographical footprint, it has always lacked the modern player amenities that have become so commonplace in MLB. Fortunately for the Cubs, this predicament is no longer an issue.

This link provides video of the team seeing their brand new 30,000-square-foot clubhouse on Sunday.

The new space, which includes expanded locker, conditioning, training, coaches and lounge facilities, is nearly three times larger than the previous layout.

Jonathon Berlin and Chad Yoder from Chicago Tribune offer a very detailed comparison of the new and old facilities, including the method in which architects were able to reconfigure the limited space available at the North Side ballpark.

Wrigley Field is currently in the midst of a multi phase renovation.

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