Derek Jeter & NY Teammates At SoCal Mall (Photo)

Without question, the most iconic member of this generation of New York Yankee greatness is legendary shortstop Derek Jeter. The 12-time All-Star and five-time World Series champion has been the centerpiece of a 17-season era of Yankee baseball, which has resulted in the team only missing the playoffs on one occasion.

Now in his 17th full season, the 1996 Rookie of the Year is putting together an outstanding 2012 campaign, posting a batting average of .338, entering Wednesday's game versus the Los Angeles Angels.

Tuesday afternoon, a few hours prior to the Yankees 5-1 loss to the Angels, Jeter was seen at the Newport Fashion Island shopping mall, in the ritzy Orange County city of Newport Beach (CA). The high-end center is located directly across the street from the Island Hotel, the Yankees lodging destination during road games against the Angels.

Jeter, who was first spotted having lunch at the 59th & Lex Café, a Bloomingdales owned outdoor eatery, situated just outside of the department store's back entrance. He was joined at the table by Yankee outfielder Andruw Jones and an unidentified third person.

If you are keeping score at home, Jeter ordered a bacon cheeseburger for his meal.

After the feast's conclusion, the three ballplayers wandered around the mall for a bit, before making their way back to the Island Hotel, in time for the 16-mile journey to Angel Stadium of Anaheim.

The above original photo shows the three men enjoying the beautiful Southern California weather, while filling the hours before the franchise's work day officially begins.

Jeter is clearly a fan of the Fashion Island Mall.

In 2010, chronicled an interaction that Jeter and former fiancée Minka Kelly had with a group of autograph seekers, while spending time in Neiman-Marcus' fragrance department.

When considering the Jeter stories, as well as our article from earlier in the day, regarding an Andy Pettitte/Nick Swisher sighting, this upper echelon mall must jump for joy when the Yankees come to Newport Beach.

Business appears to get quite a boost, thanks to these big buck ballplayers.