Derek Jeter Signing Autographs In Final Season

When it's all said and done, Derek Jeter will go down as one of the best New York Yankees and MLB shortstops ever to take the field. In the long tradition of Yankee greats, Jeter is easily the best Bronx Bomber of this generation. Jeter has collected an astounding 3,400 hits (and counting), while winning 5 Gold Glove Awards, 5 Silver Sluggers Awards and 5 World Series titles.

For the Yankee legend, 2014 is his 20th and final MLB season. With this being the case, fans want every chance they can to see the living legend up close.

Above is original video of Jeter getting absolutely mobbed, while signing autographs outside The Grand Hotel Minneapolis, prior to a Yankees vs Twins game, last week. The sharply dressed, sunglass wearing Jeter signed for as many fans as he could, before getting in a private car to Target Field.

Jeter will be back in Minnesota, next week, when he will start in his 14th and final All-Star Game.