Derek Jeter Signing In His Home State (Video)

2014 is the 20th and final season for New York Yankees legend Derek Jeter. Throughout the year, each road opponent has given The Captain a retirement gift, with fans trying to collect Jeter's autograph one last time, before the five-time champ rides off into the sunset.

Last month, when Jeter most likely made his farewell visit to Detroit, to face the Tigers, Michigan based contributor Lance Martinez captured the above original video of Jeter, as the Kalamazoo (MI) product signed his signature for a large group of fans, who patiently waited for hours to see him. This scene took place outside the Yankees' Detroit area hotel.

Back in July, recorded video of Jeter signing outside The Grand Hotel Minneapolis, during his final trip through Minnesota. The Twins honored him with the gift of the last second base ever used at the old Metrodome. also provided coverage of Jeter from the 2014 All-Star Game parade.

Baseball will certainly be a lot different, once next season comes around. Jeter's retirement absolutely represents the end of an era in American sports.