Fan Photo Submission: Manny Mota

Manny Mota is a former Major League Baseball player/current Dodgers Spanish-language broadcaster for SportsNet LA. Mota played for 4 teams from 1962-1980, officially finishing his playing career, after a brief comeback in 1982. Mota played his final 13 seasons with the Dodgers, also serving as a coach from 1980-2013, before becoming a commentator in 2013. The 1973 All-Star was a member of the coaching staffs for the 1981 and 1988 LA World Series winning teams.

Recently, reader Shaan Khilnani submitted the above photo of him and Mota outside of Dodger Stadium. Even though Mota is now 77-years-old, he is still very well known amongst younger generations of Dodger fans, due to his longtime connection to the team.