Has Jim Tracy Totally Lost His Mind?

Jim Tracy four-man rotationManager Jim Tracy has led the Colorado Rockies to a 26-43 start this season and the noose around his neck is getting tighter by the day. 

Tracy has managed in the National League for 11 years (Dodgers, Pirates, and Rockies), posting a combined record of 817-824, coming into this season.

Sitting squarely on the hot seat, Tracy has initiated a wacky plan, in an attempt to save his job.

Tracy's scheme involves exiling opening day starter Jeremy Guthrie to the bullpen, with the remaining four starters facing a mandatory pitch count of 75 pitches, even if he is pitching a shutout.

Tracy instituted the binding pitch limit because his hurlers now have to start again just four days later. 

Last Tuesday, he explained his plan to the Denver media, even though teams have gone with five-man rotations since the early 1970's. 

Sounds like little league rules, doesn't it? 

Tracy's contract expires at the end of this season and it is amazing that he still has a job.

Meanwhile, the team is trying to trade Guthrie to Toronto.