Interleague, California Power Outage & R.A. Dickey Highlight MLB Update

Interleague, California Power Outage & R.A. Dickey Interleague baseball has come to an end for the 2012 season, with the American League holding a 142-110 advantage. In 16 years of competition between the two major leagues, the AL has won the series 12 times. 

There is a real power outage in California, as the three lowest power-hitting teams in baseball (through Tuesday) are the Giants (47), Dodgers (45) and Padres (38). Ironically, all of these franchises happen to play in the NL West.

Over in the AL West, the Angels are a respectable 11th, with 78 homeruns, while Oakland is tied for 15th with 71 bombs. 

Knuckleballer R.A. Dickey of the Mets has more victories than Roy Halladay, Clayton Kershaw and Cliff Lee combined (through Tuesday).   

Lee, who is 65-33 over the past four years, is 0-3 in 2012 with Philadelphia, as we approach the end of June.