Jim Leyland Walking Through MPLS Hotel (Photo)

Detroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland has long been considered one of the best field bosses in all of baseball. Leyland has taken teams to the postseason six times, with the highlight of his career taking place in 1997, when he led the Florida Marlins to a World Series victory over the Cleveland Indians.

In addition, Leyland managed the Pittsburgh Pirates to the playoffs three times (1990-1992).

Since his arrival in the Motor City, the now 67-year-old skipper has taken the Tigers to the World Series in 2006 and the ALCS last season.

Leyland's brief stint at the helm of the Colorado Rockies (1999) serves as the only failure he has ever experienced as a professional manager.

Friday, per the above iFollosports.com original photo, Leyland was spotted walking through the lobby of the Minneapolis Marriott City Center, in downtown Minneapolis. This picture was taken a few hours prior to the opening game of the Tigers all-important series against the Minnesota Twins.

If Detroit is able to maintain their division lead over the Chicago White Sox, Leyland will find himself in October baseball for a whopping seventh time.