Jonathan Lucroy Receives MLB Injury Of The Year Award

Jonathan Lucroy suitcase injuryCatcher Jonathan Lucroy of the Milwaukee Brewers was having an All Star level season, batting .345, with a slugging percentage of .583. The third-year backstop was also hitting a remarkable .514 with runners in scoring position, which led all of Major League Baseball. 

All this came to a suspicious halt Sunday night, in his hotel room in Los Angeles. The very same West LA property where reported on an encounter with Milwaukee pitcher Zack Greinke.

Lucroy claimed that he was searching under his bed for a sock, when his wife moved a suitcase, which allegedly crashed down on the catcher's hand. The incident resulted in Lucroy breaking a bone in his wrist. 

Whatever really happened, the Brewers say Lucroy will be out four to six weeks, as he was unable to grip a bat before Monday's game with the Dodgers. 

This episode has to rank as one of the weirdest baseball injuries ever.

It's Lucroy's story, and for now, he's sticking to it.