Josh Hamilton Is A Class Act With Fans (Video)

In present-day Major League Baseball, it can easily be argued that the game's best player is Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton. Entering Friday night's game versus the Los Angeles Angels, the 2010 American League MVP is batting an astronomical .368, with 21 homeruns and 57 RBI. The highlight of Hamilton's 2012 campaign took place on May 8, when the lefty slugger became the 16th player in baseball history to blast four homers in a single game.

Hamilton and his Texas teammates currently possess the AL's best record and are once again the odds on favorite to represent the league in the World Series for the third straight season.

Hamilton's struggles with substance obtuse, including an offseason slipup at a Dallas bar, play a significant factor in explaining why this immensely talented man's life is one of the most complicated and interesting, as compared to any comparable figure in sports.

Hamilton credits faith and family when explaining his ability to overcome all the turbulence that life has brought his way, including the tragic fall of Shannon Stone, a Rangers fan who fell to his death while attempting to catch a ball thrown into the stands by Hamilton back in 2011.

Despite all of the tremendous highs and unfathomable lows that Hamilton has experienced,  the four-time All-Star appears to treat his many fans with as great a level of respect, then perhaps any other superstar athlete.

This situation was on full display Friday afternoon, as Hamilton and his Ranger mates were leaving the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Anaheim-Orange County, a few hours prior the opening game of a three-game set against the Angels.

The DoubleTree is located one mile southwest of Angel Stadium of Anaheim.

Per the above original video, Hamilton went out of his way to sign autographs, pose for photos and genuinely shake the hand of anyone who was interested in doing so.  

Whatever one thinks of Hamilton as a ballplayer, or a person, it seems abundantly clear that this complex man treats the followers of his sport in a way that exemplifies an unbelievable amount of class and respect.

After witnessing the time Josh Hamilton provided the fans of Southern California, it's really hard not to root for this man's success, both on and more importantly, off the baseball field.