LaTroy Hawkins Outside Angel Stadium (Video)

Los Angeles Angels relief pitcher LaTroy Hawkins is already playing in his eighteenth big league season. After spending his first nine years with the Minnesota Twins, Hawkins bounced between eight different teams, before arriving in Anaheim this season, at the ripe old age of 39.

Hawkins has put together a solid Major League career, coming out of the bullpen for all but his initial five seasons with Minnesota. Since notching 28 saves for the Twins in 2001 and 25 saves for the Chicago Cubs in 2004, the tall righty has spent much of his career moving between the setup and closer roles of his various clubs.

This level of longevity has enabled Hawkins to earn nearly $40 million, during his MLB tenure.

Not a bad gig if you can get it!

Entering Tuesday, Hawkins has appeared in 44 games for LA of Anaheim this season, going 2-3, with a 3.60 ERA.

Last week, per the above original video, Hawkins was seen pulling his Mercedes SUV over, so he could sign autographs for fans waiting outside the Angel Stadium player's parking lot.

Hawkins was very cordial, as he took the time to sign for anyone who was interested.