A Look At Barry Zito's Magnificent Bay Area “For Sale” Home (Photos)

Barry Zito Kent Woodlands HomeBarry Zito's struggles since crossing the Bay Bridge and joining the San Francisco Giants, have been well chronicled over the last few seasons. From 2007-2011, the 2002 Cy Young Award winner complied a very underwhelming 43-61 record, while never winning more than 11 games in any individual season.

In 2012, Zito's fortunes took a 180, as the lefty put together a solid 15-8 campaign, combined with an even more impressive postseason. After struggling through his NLDS start, versus the Cincinnati Reds, the 34-year-old performed brilliantly in a must-win NLCS start against the St. Louis Cardinals, as well as a dually impressive World Series Game 1 victory over the Detroit Tigers on Wednesday.   

At the moment, Zito's star-crossed San Francisco existence looks far more tenable, than at any point since his 2007 escape from Oakland.

Despite the UCSB/USC alum's seasons of struggle, the man's life away from AT&T Park has been nothing less than luxurious, as a result of the utterly massive seven-year/$126 million contract he has been collecting.

Proof positive of this claim exists when taking a look at the extravagant $11.5 million Bay Area home, Mr. Zito has placed on the open market.

Located in the Marin County community of Kent Woodlands, situated 20 miles north of AT&T Park (across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco), the 7,100-square-foot palace rests on a stunning 2.25-acre plot of land, equipped with incredible views of both Phoenix Lake and Mount Tamalpais.

The palatial mansion, dubbed Villa Della Pace, includes four bedrooms, five full/two half bathrooms, an office, swimming pool, built-in barbeque, outdoor fireplace, wine cellar (with tasting table) and an accompanying (recently constructed) guest house.

Here are a series of exterior and interior photos, courtesy of Marin County realtor Marilyn Rich.

Zito, who owns several houses throughout the state of California, cited the need for a shorter commute to work, as the reason for his decision to unload this jewel of a home.

Fair enough.                            

When considering the splendor and true innate value of this beautiful place to live, there is one more noteworthy real estate factoid to absolutely take into account.

This home also happens to be the very same location where these infamous photos of former Phillies and Giants outfielder Pat Burrell (“celebrating” San Francisco's 2010 world championship), were captured.

Luxury, views and a whole lot of history!

What an opportunity for a savvy, extremely wealthy Bay Area consumer to snap up!