Matt Kemp Living The Hollywood Life (Video)

Matt Kemp is a bona fide American sports superstar, no question about it!

As he prepares to take the field for his eighth Major League season, the Los Angeles Dodgers centerfielder has successfully harnessed his all-universe talent, to the point where the Oklahoma native can now easily be classified as one of the very best players in professional baseball.

Since 2006, Kemp has averaged 29 homeruns, 96 RBI and 26 stolen bases per season. To be fair, these totals do not tell the entire story of the now 28-year-old's level of production, considering that he only played in 106 games, during 2012, as a result of an injured hamstring. Even after his return from the disabled list, the 6-4 righty was playing well below 100 percent health, due in large measure to the dual shoulder and knee injury he suffered, after violently colliding with the outfield wall, during a late August game at the Colorado Rockies. Prior to missing portions of the 2012 season, Kemp had taken the field in an MLB best 399 consecutive games.

While many Los Angeles professional athletes choose to avoid the “Hollywood lifestyle” available to Angelinos of wealth and stature, Kemp has elected to embrace all that being a big shot in LA has to offer. Instead of living near the beach, or in the convenient to Dodger Stadium city of Pasadena (many Dodgers make their April through October residence in the suburb of 140,000 people, due to its vibrant downtown area and 10-mile proximity to the ballpark), Kemp chooses to make his home in the Hollywood Hills, an area made up of far more stars from the world of entertainment, than that of athletics.

Kemp, of course, is famous for his romantic involvement with pop star Rihanna. Reports indicate that the former couple may have indeed gotten back together, as the pair was spotted at an LA restaurant on Sunday night.     

One day prior to the reported rekindling of his relationship with Rihanna, captured original video of Kemp exiting the Anaheim Marriott hotel, 40 miles south of the Hollywood Hills. Kemp had just concluded a two-hour autograph signing appearance at the SoCal Baseball and Sports Collectors Expo. The man with the eight-year/$160 million contract was very hospitable, as he said hello to our camera, after providing fans with both a public and private opportunity to meet him.

Matt Kemp is definitely living the life of a Hollywood star.