Meeting Jim Leyland in Minneapolis. What a guy!

My husband and I own an event planning company in Minneapolis/St. Paul.  We were staffing a function at the Marriott City Center, in Downtown Minneapolis, when a familiar looking man approached our table.  I wasn’t sure who he was, but my husband immediately knew that it was Tigers’ manager Jim Leyland.  The Tigers were staying at the hotel, during a late season series vs. the Twins. They had just finished a Saturday night game and the team recently arrived back at the Marriott.

Mr. Leyland said hello to us and starting inquiring about our business.  What a kind gentleman he turned out to me.  My husband mentioned that he’s a pretty tough character on the field, but away from the dugout, he was an incredibly down-to-earth man.  We chatted for a few minutes and then he headed over to the hotel bar, to meet up with some of the Tigers’ coaches.   

Because were huge Twins fans, we obviously don’t root for the Tigers.  But, after meeting Jim Leyland, our family definitely respects their manager.