Meeting Jim Leyland outside Yankee Stadium

I was walking around the perimeter of Yankee Stadium, prior to a Yankees vs. Tigers game, when I met Tigers manager Jim Leyland.  Ironically, I was spending my day chronicling the difficulties of attaining autographs at the new stadium when I encountered Leyland.

I was standing by the stadium loading dock, near the Yankee offices, when a van pulled up carrying the entire Tigers’ coaching staff.  I asked Leyland if he would pose for a photo with me and he willingly accepted. We took the picture and he wished me a good day as he headed into the stadium.  His well known down-to-earth nature was very apparent during our interaction.  I had read about a friendly encounter a fan had with Leyland in Minneapolis a couple years ago and my experience was just as positive.  Leyland truly appears to be a quality, genuine guy.  It was fun meeting him outside the new Yankee Stadium.