Mets Reliever Injures Hamstring Celebrating Santana No-Hitter

Ramon Ramirez strains hamstringBaseball has had more than its share of weird injuries this season, just ask Brewers catcher Jonathan Lucroy, whose broken hand came out on the losing end of a bout with a suitcase.    

There was yet another bizarre mishap last Friday, as the New York Mets were celebrating their first-ever no-hitter. The team began play in 1962, but never had a pitcher throw a no-no until two-time American League Cy Young Award winner ('04, '06 with Twins) Johan Santana accomplished the feat versus the St. Louis Cardinals.

Immediately after the final out, members of the Mets bullpen came racing out to join in on the festivities at the mound.

Each and every New York reliever made it to the dog pile, except for one.

30-year-old Ramon Ramirez strained his right hamstring on the infield dirt and was subsequently placed on the 15-day disabled list.

Ramirez had a 2-1 record, with an ERA of 4.78 for the Mets this season.