Mike Scioscia Drives A Long Way To Work (Video)

In a metropolitan area known for exceedingly long commutes, Los Angeles Angels manager Mike Scioscia's distance between his home and place of business may rank near the top of this rather time consuming and not so sought-after list.

Now in his thirteenth season at the helm of the Angels, the former longtime Los Angeles Dodgers catcher resides in the affluent LA suburb of Westlake Village (CA). The Scioscia's constructed their 5,601-square-foot (five bedroom, five bathroom) home, back in 1993, near the conclusion of Mike's big league playing career.

Here is an aerial view of the Scioscia family's picturesque hillside property, situated 40 miles northwest of downtown LA.    

For every home game, the two-time American League Manager of the Year travels 67 miles south, to Angel Stadium of Anaheim, located in the heart of Orange County, just down the street from Disneyland.

Ironically, during his playing days with the Dodgers, Scioscia lived in the eastern LA suburb of Claremont, which sits 27 “considerably closer” miles northeast of Anaheim.

Scioscia was named Angels manager in 2000 and has elected to maintain his monstrous Southern California commute, as opposed to relocating to one of the many ritzy areas of Orange County, or even back to his former stomping grounds of Claremont.

Clearly, the Philadelphia-native loves his Conejo Valley home and surrounding neighborhood a whole heck of a lot.

Above is iFolloSports.com original video of the three-time World Series champion (twice as player, once as manager) arriving for work, after the first leg of his daily double play of driving.  

On this day, the manager entered the Angels' team parking lot in a black BMW.

Later that night, Scioscia and the Angels would lose to the Oakland Athletics 4-1.