MLB May Finally Be On The Cusp Of Speeding Up The Game

MLB proposals to speed up the gameFor baseball purists, without question, the most unique aspect of the grand old game involves its lack of a clock. No matter the score or circumstance, the winning team always has to figure out a way to secure 27 outs. While the most ardent of fans have no interest in changing anything as relates to the pace of the sport, many younger people have moved their attention away from the pastime, instead focusing on competitions that are more in line with the current instant gratification world we live in.

With this in mind, MLB has just released five proposed ideas for speeding up the game, with a focus on batters staying in the box, intentional walks, time between innings, pitching changes and mound conferences. The proposals will be tested during the upcoming Arizona Fall League.

For a detailed breakdown of the specific ideas, take a look at this article, courtesy of Paul Hagen at

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