Moneyball Update & Reality Check

Moneyball $20.6 millionThe mega-hyped movie "Moneyball" had a disappointing opening last weekend, grossing a three-day total of $20.6 million. The new version of "The Lion King" showed Brad Pitt who the real king of the jungle is, grossing $22.1 million.  "Moneyball" barely topped "Dolphin Tale," which was third with $20.3 million. 

Despite all the attention the Oakland A's of a few years ago are receiving, it should be noted that many teams have reached the postseason with low payrolls and most of them did not employ the “Moneyball” ideology.

This season, the NL West champion Arizona Diamondbacks possess only the 25th highest payroll.

Other teams who have won their division with low payrolls in recent years include Minnesota - 2006 AL Central (21st), Arizona - 2007 NL West (23rd), Cleveland - 2007 AL Central (22nd), Tampa Bay - 2008 AL East (28th), Minnesota - 2009 AL Central (24th) and Texas - 2010 AL West (27th). 

Meanwhile, this season's Tampa Bay Rays continue to make a strong surge by playing "Maddonball."