New Hall Of Famer Jack Morris Back In His Old Stomping Grounds (Video)

Jack Morris Signing AutographsLance Martinez of My Detroit Sports offers this original video of newly elected baseball hall of famer Jack Morris signing autographs in the Detroit suburb of Troy, Michigan.

Morris' name was always brought up during hall of fame voting discussion, but the now 62-year-old was never able to garner enough votes from the writers. Things looked really bleak last year, after Morris was denied during his 15th and final year of eligibility.

After so many years of frustration, the baseball legend finally got his HOF call, thanks to a vote of the newly created modern era committee.

Morris, who mainly pitched for the Tigers during his 18-year career, won 254 games, tallied a 3.90 ERA and was a five-time All-Star.

In addition, Morris retired with a highly impressive four World Series rings (1984 – Tigers, 1991 – Twins, 1992 & 1993 – Blue Jays).

Morris’ most memorable moment occurred when the St. Paul, Minnesota native played for his hometown Twins and outdueled fellow hall of fame pitcher John Smoltz, pitching a 10-inning shutout in Game 7 of the 1991 World Series. Morris was subsequently named ’91 Fall Classic MVP.

Baseball fans can also view several other behind the scenes looks at Morris signing autographs over the years.