One of the best days & the last day of Manny's Boston life

This weekend, Los Angeles Dodgers' left fielder Manny Ramirez makes his long anticipated return to Fenway Park, as the Dodgers battle the Boston Red Sox in an incredibly high profile interleague matchup. 

The timing of the series is quite remarkable considering these two cities are less than 24 hours removed from a 7-game NBA Finals thriller between the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers. Certainly, the fans of New England hope the Sox can deliver a small level of retribution to LA's other prestigious professional franchise.

The big question going into tonight's game involves the reception Ramirez will garner from the Fenway faithful.  Will the fans honor Manny for averaging 34 homeruns and 109 RBI during his eight seasons in Boston?  Will the crowd pay their respects to a man who led the Red Sox to two World Championships in four seasons, ending the team's infamous 86-year drought? Or, will Red Sox Nation boo Ramirez for the less than classy manner in which he forced his way out of the Boston organization?

As Red Sox fans reflect on Ramirez's life in Boston, it is interesting to look back at one of Ramirez's greatest days in Boston and at his very last day as a member of the team.

Below are two pieces of video displaying these situations.

The first video is a wonderful and famous example of “Manny being Manny.”  The scene took place during the 2007 victory parade.

The second video features unedited film of Ramirez loading up a truck and leaving Fenway Park, shortly after his trade to the Dodgers became official. This video is courtesy of WCBV-TV.

Also, take a look at this story chronicling another case of “Manny being Manny.”  This time the setting is the Dodger Stadium parking lot, shortly after his arrival in Los Angeles.

One thing is certain, whether it is Cleveland, Boston or Los Angeles, Manny Ramirez leaves his mark everywhere he sets foot.