Record-Setting 2B Brian Dozier Signing Autographs | Video

Saturday, Twins power-hitting second baseman Brian Dozier signed autographs at a Pizza Luce restaurant, in the Twin Cities suburb of Hopkins, Minnesota. This event was put on by Fan HQ Sports Apparel and Collections. Dozier, a Mississippi native, is one of the Twins most popular players, due to his baseball abilities, combined with his very laid back and easy going personality.

A Brian Dozier autograph is a big get for Twins fans. 

In an otherwise very forgettable season for the now 100-loss Twins, Dozier has been the only bright spot, amid blasting a whopping 42 homeruns. His 40 HR as a 2B breaks the American League record for big flies from that position, with his other two coming from the DH spot. Dozier needs three more from his position to break the MLB record of 42.

Prior to this season, 2015 was his best power output with 28 homeruns.

Here is another original video of Dozier, signing last summer, also at a Fan HQ event.