Ryan Dempster Mixing It Up With Fans (Video)

Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Ryan Dempster is in the midst of his fifteenth MLB season and his ninth on the North Side of Chicago. After beginning his career with the then Florida Marlins, Dempster spent two years with the Cincinnati Reds, before joining the Cubs in 2004.

The righty has served as both a closer and starting pitcher during his tenure in the Big Leagues, with his best season taking place in 2008, when he went 17-6, while posting a 2.46 ERA.

Dempster has been a fan favorite in the Windy City, because of his laid-back personality and comical approach to life, including the many impersonations he takes great pride in performing.

In addition, Dempster has been very involved with numerous charitable endeavors, including his work on behalf of Juvenal diabetes.

As a result of the above attributes, Dempster also continues to be a very popular autograph among baseball fans.

The above iFolloSports.com original video shows the British Columbia native signing autographs for a group of fans, outside of the W Minneapolis Hotel in downtown Minneapolis.

This scene took place a few hours before the Cubs opened up a three-game series versus Minnesota Twins.