Sam Fuld: A True Cleanup Hitter

Sam Fuld headshot (video grab)Tampa Bay Rays hot hitting young leftfielder Sam Fuld is a rather interesting athlete. His mother is a New Hampshire state senator and his father is a lecturer at the University of New Hampshire.

 A type 1 diabetic, Fuld has to give himself up to five insulin injections each day. One of the few Jewish Major Leaguers, Fuld took a non-traditional path to the Rays. As a teenager, he carried a sports statistical book everywhere and then attended the renowned Exeter Academy (Mark Zuckerberg was a classmate). He would go on to graduate from Stanford University with a degree in economics. Fuld was one of five players traded to Tampa Bay for pitcher Matt Garza last January.  Fuld's worst job was at the University of New Hampshire as a teenager. "I thought I was working grounds crew," he told the St. Petersburg Times, "but it turned out to be more like scraping chewing gum off the bleachers."