Strasburg, Stanton & Scherzer Before Stanton HR Derby Display (Photo & Video)

Here is a link to original video of Washington Nationals star hurlers Stephen Strasburg and Max Scherzer walking near Miami Marlins behemoth Giancarlo Stanton, as the trio left the Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel San Diego, hours before the Monday night festivities of the 2016 MLB All-Star Game got underway.

The above original photo provides a closer look at Mr. Stanton, who made history during the homerun derby, later in the day.

With his National League East rival pitchers looking on, Stanton put on a show for baseball fans, blasting an incredible 61 homeruns, setting a new event record.

As far as Strasburg and Scherzer, the righty pair is a combined 22-6 (Strasburg is 12-0) for the 54-36 Nats. The 27-year-old Strasburg is a native of San Diego.