Texas Rangers To Serve $26 Hot Dog!!

Texas Rangers To Serve $26 Hot DogUnhealthy food is a staple at stadiums, with many baseball parks even instituting all-you-can-eat sections. 

Now, the Texas Rangers have moved into first place in the gluttony standings for the upcoming season. 

Concession stands at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington will have an item for very hungry fans called the Championship Dog.  It is a hot dog that weighs two pounds and is two feet long. The monstrosity sells for a mere $26. 

Said to feed four, the Championship Dog is topped with sautéed onions, shredded cheese, chili and jalapenos. Plus, if the dog itself is not enough, the Rangers are nice enough to serve it with fries. 

By the way, if customers are still hungry, a three-pound pretzel is also on the menu. 

After all, everything is bigger in Texas, including the fans.