Tim Lincecum is even smaller in person

While spending time outside of the All-Star Game headquarters in Anaheim, I was witness to Tim Lincecum exiting a vehicle and being led into the Anaheim Marriott Hotel.  He is listed at 5’11”, 170 lbs, but he looks a whole lot smaller than that.  Comparisons to Mitch Kramer in “Dazed and Confused” are pretty accurate.  He much more resembles a skater in Santa Cruz or Hermosa Beach, than that of an incredible Major League pitcher.  It’s funny to look at Lincecum compared to his fellow All-Stars.  Most of his counterparts are big and very athletic looking, while Lincecum looks like a guy you’d walk right past at the beach.  It is truly amazing to fathom the high level of pitching power his slight frame is able generate.  Below are two photos showing the scrawny Lincecum in Anaheim.