Torii Hunter entertains fans of the Midwest and West Coast

Los Angeles Angels' CF Torii Hunter is widely considered one of the most gregarious and outgoing players in all of baseball. During his nine full seasons with the Minnesota Twins and now in his third season with the Angels, Hunter has held the distinction of being a fan favorite in both the Midwest and West Coast.  

The three-time All-Star and nine-time Gold Glove winner combines a big bat with one of the most exciting brands of CF defense ever displayed on a big league field. 

Hunter is also an undisputed winner.  He has appeared in the postseason six times, four with the Twins and the last two seasons with the Angels.

Hunter's on field demeanor is also at play in many of his interactions with fans. 

Below are two pieces of video displaying his customer friendly approach in both areas that he has called home.

The first video took place at the Metrodome in 2006. Notice Hunter standing in next to Twins superstar Joe Mauer, prior to saying hello to the fans. 

The second video is set at an autograph signing in Irvine, California last year.  It is courtesy of