Rachel Wray Moves From The Sidelines To The Octagon

Rachel Wray Chiefs cheerleader to MMA fighterRachel Wray (no, not that Rachael Ray) was a cheerleader for the Kansas City Chiefs. Now, she has transitioned from her NFL dance squad career to the world of mixed martial arts.

Wray explained the change to MMA by stating, “I have never enjoyed working out so much in my life. I love fighting and am having so much fun with it. I want to be an inspiration to other girls out there that want to fight but don't think they can."

Wray trains two hours daily, five nights a week, at a local gym. She won her amateur MMA debut on a second round TKO, then prevailed in her second match, when the night's opponent failed to show up. Wray is scheduled to return to the octagon January 25, at Harrah's in Kansas City.

Check out the second round of Rachel's debut match in the video below. The referee declares the TKO at the 2:25 mark.