UFC Fighter Dons A “Mankini”

Dennis "Superman" Hallman Dennis "Superman" Hallman was about to face Brian Ebersole at UFC 133, last weekend in Philadelphia, when he entered the octagon wearing Speedo-like trunks that left very little to the imagination. 

Hallman was knocked out in the first round, but that did not temper the anger of UFC president Dana White, who awarded Ebersole a $70,000 bonus for clocking Hallman.  

White immediately outlawed the trunks for future bouts and added, "I've never been so embarrassed to be in the UFC. I was horrified by the moment, it's the last time you'll see that here." 

A smiling Ebersole had his own opinion.

"I was just worried about his cup and worried about his uniform malfunctioning," explained the victor.

Don't look for Hallman on any UFC cards anytime soon.