Magic Johnson loves his MSU Spartans

Michigan State has appeared in six of the last 12 NCAA Final Fours.  During this remarkable run, one of the constants has been the appearance of the great Magic Johnson, at each of these events.  Magic, MSU’s most famous alum, clearly possesses a tremendous feeling for his hometown school.  Magic led MSU to their first national title in 1979. It’s cool that Mr. LA has not forgotten his roots and where he came from.

I had the pleasure of seeing Magic at the 2001 Final Four in Minneapolis.  His Spartans were playing Arizona in the first National Semifinal Game.  We spotted him during the first half and headed over to where he was hanging out during halftime.

Magic was signing autographs and saying hello to his many fans.  Despite the great talent on the court that day, it was clear that Magic was the biggest star in the Metrodome on that Saturday.  Basketball fans who were standing around Magic got an extra bonus when Lakers teammate James Worthy showed up to whisper something in Magic’s ear.

Magic is absolutely the most beloved athletic figure in the history of Michigan St and the city of Los Angeles.  Instances like this are a clear indication of why.  Magic doesn't hide out in luxury suites or behind security guards.  He still has no problem spending time amongst the people.