iFolloSports.com Social Media Rundown: Brett Favre & Kevin Durant

Brett Favre congratulates Peyton ManningTwitter – Favre On Manning

Sunday night, Peyton Manning broke Brett Favre's NFL record for the most career touchdown passes thrown. Manning entered the game needing two touchdowns to tie Favre and three to break the record. The 38-year-old completed the record breaking touchdown to Demaryius Thomas for 8 yards.

Shortly after the historic moment, Favre took to Twitter to express his appreciation. 

Well deserved Peyton. Congratulations on breaking my record. #Onto600http://t.co/MEeffAlmeP


Twitter – Kevin Durant

As most basketball fans already know, defending NBA MVP Kevin Durant is out with a fracture in his foot. Many now wonder how KD's potential three-month absence may impact the Thunder's season.

Durant recently Tweeted the results of his surgery, while also thanking his beloved mom and the NBA 2K franchise video game for his recovery. 

Successful surgery, thanks for all the prayers and concerns! Headed back to okc. Move em 


Thank you God for my wonderful ma and 2k. 


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