iFolloSports.com Social Media Rundown: Kevin Durant & Ty Lawson

Kevin Durant Easy Money SniperKevin Durant Nike Deal - Twitter

As you may have heard by now, OKC superstar Kevin Durant was recently offered a rather large shoe endorsement deal by Under Armour, worth an estimated $260 million. Nike has not only matched the deal, but is now reportedly going to pay the “Easy Money Sniper” another $25 million after he retires. According to ESPN's Darren Rovell, KD's deal is worth $275 million, over 10 years, plus an additional $2.5 million in salary per year.


Told Durant's Nike contract pays him $275M + $2.5M a year in salary (for 10 years) & an additional guaranteed $25M in retirement. 


The latest Kevin Durant Nike shoe hits retailers this very day.


Ty Lawson & James Harden - Instagram

The NFL season kicked off last weekend and it seems that everyone was tuned in, including Denver Nuggets point guard Ty Lawson. The 49ers beat the Cowboys pretty good, this past Sunday, with James Harden serving as the butt of the below joke.

Lawson (via his Instagram account) posted a Photoshopped picture of Harden wearing a coaching headset with the Cowboys logo on the side. The photo was captioned "Cowboys defensive coordinator."

Harden's seemingly poor defensive skills have been well documented throughout his career and can be most recently seen on the BBallbreakdown Vine profile.

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