The Heat & Blackhawks Are The Talk Of Sports

LeBron James and Chicago BlackhawksThe Miami Heat and Chicago Blackhawks are collectively in the midst of two very impressive streaks. The Heat have won 16 games in a row (entering Friday's game versus the 76ers), while the Blackhawks (playing at Colorado on Friday) have started the lockout-shortened NHL season at 21-0-3, establishing a new NHL record.

Heat fans, as well as people that follow the NBA, expect this level of dominance from an almost dream team equivalent roster. Far less observers projected this from the Blackhawks, despite Chicago's victory in the 2010 Stanley Cup Finals.

Unlike the Heat, the Blackhawks are not a star-studded team, filled with household names. In fact, right wing Patrick Kane is the only player on their roster in the top 20 for either total points, or goals scored.

Luckily, one of the most prominent athletes in sports (Miami's LeBron James), is spreading the word regarding the Blackhawks' great success.

“Theirs is more impressive than ours,” explained James in a recent interview.

LBJ later added, “They're doing that without a training camp. They had no time to work together, to go out with they are going to do. They just put it on the ice and just figure it out.”

The Blackhawks streak, combined with James' kind words about his NHL counterparts, are most definitely providing Chicago with considerably more national exposure, than perhaps any hockey team in recent memory.

It will be interesting to see if both franchises are able to collectively celebrate a pair of world championships, come this June.