Adam Silver: The More Relaxed Commish (Videos)

Adam at 2015 NBA Summer League videoNBA commissioner Adam Silver has been at the helm of the league since February of 2014. Silver's commissionership gained instant credibility, when he banned former Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life, after Sterling's racist audio recordings were released last year. Silver's more relaxed approach has translated into a calmer atmosphere for everyone associated with the association.

Silver took over for the polarizing David Stern, who ran the NBA from 1984-2014. Stern, for the first part of his tenure, was a very popular figure, but that changed during the last years of his term.

After Michael Jordan retired for the second time in 1998, the NBA endured multiple lockouts and other situations that hurt the league's image. Stern subsequently became a lot angrier and more contentious with seemingly everyone. Despite the NBA's standing rebounding significantly, many players, as well as others involved with pro basketball continued to see Stern as an adversarial figure.

In many ways, Adam Silver is the anti David Stern.

Below is original video of Silver chatting with NBA legend Dominique Wilkins.

The second clip shows the commish with Warriors owner Joe Lacob and GM Bob Myers.

Both shots were gathered at the recently completed Las Vegas Summer League.


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