Andrew Bynum stopping for Lakers fans (video)

Wednesday night, the Los Angeles Lakers suffered their most humiliating defeat of the season, losing to the lowly Cleveland Cavaliers 104-99. This setback took place a little more than a month after the Lakers destroyed the Cavs at Staples Center 112-57. Truly a best of times/worst of times scenario for both teams.  Prior to the January 11 game in LA, Lakers center Andrew Bynum stopped his Porsche, outside of the Toyota Sports Center in El Segundo, California, to say hello and sign autographs for some very diehard fans.  While many other Lakers sped out of the parking lot, on this day, Bynum was one of the few to stop.  Now, a month later, Bynum's name is rumored in trade speculation and the Lakers are coming off two horrific losses. One wonders if Bynum pines for the simple, carefree days of mid-January.