A Behind The Scenes Look At “Mr. 30,000” Kobe Bryant

A Behind The Scenes Look At “Mr. 30,000” Kobe Bryant In the years leading up to Kobe Bryant's induction into the 30,000-point club, iFolloSports.com has been the NBA fan's source for an ongoing, behind the scenes look at the life of the preeminent player of this generation of basketball. Whether it be the lavish automobiles he drives, his interaction with Lakers fans around the country or the places he spends time away from his professional duties, iFolloSports.com continues to provide a lens into the life of LA's worldwide basketball icon.

Below is a collection of some of this website's most popular pieces of Kobe Bryant focused news.

The shooting guard's modes of transportation have been a particular favorite of readers, over the past couple years. Here is an exclusive look at Kobe's Ferrari 458 Spider, chronicled during the early stages of this season's training camp.

In addition, here is an original feature from last season, showcasing the legend's Mercedes-Benz CLS.

Per this exclusive photo (captured at the beginning of the 2010 training camp), Kobe, inside the very same black Mercedes, was seen interacting with a group of very appreciative fans.

Catching a glimpse of Kobe, outside of luxury hotels, has been a frequent activity of our news gathering team. Take a look at original video and an original photo (from last season and the season prior) of the five-time champion exiting the Graves 601 Hotel in downtown Minneapolis.  

During the course of our Kobe coverage, sightings of the future Hall of Famer have also occurred at The Ritz-Carlton, Los Angeles, the Newport Beach Tennis Club and even at a stoplight on LA's Melrose Ave.

Perhaps iFolloSports.com's most unique piece of Kobe reporting involves an original photo of him and a couple friends, from the groups' days at Lower Merion High School.

As Kobe Bryant continues his ascension through the NBA record books, stay tuned to iFolloSports.com for the latest behind the scenes info on one of the greatest athletes ever to lace up a pair of sneakers.