Brooklyn's Barclays Center Is Simply Spectacular (Photos)

Interior & Exterior Photos Of Barclays CenterAside from the daily soap opera, otherwise known as the Los Angeles Lakers, perhaps the second biggest story of this young NBA season has been the much anticipated debut of the Brooklyn Nets' brand new home court, the Barclays Center. After 55 years void of a locally based professional sports franchise (Dodgers relocated to Los Angeles after the 1957 season), New York City's most populous borough now can once again claim a team and arena of its own.

Located in the Prospect Heights neighborhood (at the intersection of Atlantic Avenue and Flatbush Avenue), the venue sits directly across the street from the Atlantic Terminal train/subway/bus station, as well as the adjacent Atlantic Terminal Mall. The terminal serves as a destination for the Long Island Railroad, nine New York City Subway lines and five New York City bus lines.

Ironically, this location was once the proposed site of an ill-fated Brooklyn Dodgers domed stadium, during the 1950's.

Below is a look at the ins and outs of the spectacular, $1 billion complex, with an array of photos provided by an contributor, who also happens to be a proud resident of Brooklyn.

The exterior of the arena combines a brown, pre-weathered steel look, with that of modern glass and a distinct Oculus (architectural term for a round opening in the roof of a structure).

Barclays Center Exterior

Once inside, the facility takes on a very contemporary look and feel, when spending time in both the entry area and concourses.

Barclays Center Entry Area

Barclays Center Concourse

One of the best aspects of the arena involves the availability of so many Brooklyn/New York City based food options. The noteworthy local fare includes square pizza from L&B Spumoni Gardens; chicken, rice and beans from Calexico; boneless buffalo wings from Buffalo Boss; a brown butter rice crispy bar from Stinky Bklyn; and of course, fries from Nathan's Famous.

A true highlight is the meatballs and the chicken meatball sliders from FRESCO by Scotto. Take a look at this chicken meatball beauty below.

Chicken Meatball slider FRESCO by Scotto at Barclays Center

The view of the court from the lower bowl is excellent. The seats are comfortable and spacious, with many lower deck tickets coming equipped with free food and soft drinks.

Barclays Center Seating View

Similar to what takes place at Staples Center in Los Angeles, the Nets have created a “theater style” basketball court appearance, meaning that while the hardwood is adorned in bright light, much of the rest of the arena is considerably darker.

Barclays Center Seating View

The Honda Club is a great place to spend a few minutes during portions of the game, particularly halftime.  At least early in the season, the waiting lines have been quite short. As a result of the nice view of the court and numerous nearby television screens, the Honda Club can be classified as a terrific find for thirsty NBA fans.

Honda Club Barclays Center

The center's suite level can be described as both luxurious and a really big party. The 40/40 CLUB & Restaurant by American Express offers patrons an excellent spread, combined with a very cool looking bar and an impressive 36 HDTV's.

40/40 CLUB Barclays Center

40/40 CLUB Barclays Center

One slight issue with the club involves the fact that the court is not visible from all areas of the space.   

40/40 CLUB Barclays Center

The suites themselves provide a nice view of the game, as well as a bevy of opportunity for those not as interested in the outcome of that night's contest. Further away from the court viewing areas, the suites provide users with comfortable furniture, a modern kitchenette and a flat screen television.

Barclays Center Suite

Barclays Center Suite

Barclays Center Suite

Despite some early kinks that still need to be worked out (long lines for food and point of sale software issues), the Barclays Center is as good as advertised.

Without any question, when considering the presence of this brand spanking new arena, the legendary bourogh of Brooklyn is most definitely “in the house.”