The Clippers Have A Three Percent Chance Of Beating The Spurs?

Clippers Have A Three Percent Chance Of Beating The SpursAfter just one game of the Los Angeles Clippers vs. San Antonio Spurs NBA Western Conference Semifinal series, some Las Vegas oddmakers have already declared Blake Griffin, Chris Paul and the upstart Clippers franchise finished.

Going into Game 2 on Thursday night, has pronounced the Spurs chances of defeating LA at a whopping 97 percent.

The folks at must have really been blown away by San Antonio's 108-92 thrashing in Game 1.

By the way, the website's feelings towards the other LA NBA team are not much better.

In the wake of their Game 2 defeat at Oklahoma City, the Lakers only have a six percent chance of coming back from 0-2 down versus the Thunder.

Because the co-tenants of Staples Center are given virtually no opportunity of winning their respective matchups, has listed the odds of both LA teams advancing to the Western Conference Finals at an astronomical 555 to 1.

If some optimistic LA fans have some spare change lying around, it might be worth their time to put a couple bucks down on both the Clippers and Lakers.

Although, that money could probably be spent in about a million better places, as it looks like the Spurs and Thunder are destined to meet in the West finals.