Corey Brewer Signing Autographs (Video)

Corey Brewer is a small forward for the Minnesota Timberwolves, in his seventh NBA season. Brewer, who won two NCAA championships at Florida, was the Timberwolves first pick (seventh overall) in the 2007 draft. In 2011, the Timberwolves traded Brewer to the Mavericks. He then played for the Nuggets, the last two years, before coming back to Minnesota this offseason.

Brewer's first stint with the Timberwolves was a far different one than now, as it was during the immediate years after Kevin Garnett, when the Wolves fell to the lowest depths of the league. Now playing with the likes of Kevin Love, Kevin Martin and Ricky Rubio, the team is far better and very much on the rise.

As of Tuesday, the Timberwolves are one of the best teams in the NBA, posting a 3-1 record. Brewer has significantly contributed to this early success, thanks to the great defense he has played on both Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony.

Last Friday afternoon, the above original video shows Brewer interacting with fans and signing autographs, outside the player's entrance to Target Center. Brewer seems happy to be back in Minnesota, with fans seemingly just as happy to have him back in the fold.