Dallas Mavericks Looking For A Few Very Big Men

Dallas Mavericks ManiAACsIf you are a HUGE fan of the Dallas Mavericks and are still celebrating the team's NBA championship, you too can participate in next season's title defense. One caveat, you must be overweight and want to shake and bake to the latest tunes.

The Mavericks are looking for some big men to try out for the first all-male dance troupe in the NBA, the ManiAACs.  Founded in 2002, the ManiAACs are holding tryouts on August 27 to select this year's squad.

Last year, the 13 ManiAACs averaged 6-3, 280 pounds (eight squad members tipped the scales at over 300). The age range ran between 25 and 47.

Take a look at the promotional video for last season's tryouts.

The ManiAACs have performed nationally on "The Tonight Show" and "America's Got Talent."