Delonte West Applying For Work At Home Depot?

Delonte West applies to Home DepotMany NBA players are looking for options during the current NBA lockout.  Some are talking about playing overseas, with Kevin Love attempting beach volleyball. 

Boston reserve guard Delonte West has another plan. 

West, 27, has made close to $15 million during his seven-year career. This week, he tweeted that he is "broke" and has applied for a job at Home Depot.  He concluded that "lockout ain't a game." 

West has played for the former Seattle Sonics, Cleveland Cavaliers and the Celtics, averaging 9.7 points per game, after being a first round draft choice of the Celtics in 2004. 

West‘s checkered off the court record includes battling bipolar disorder during his career and serving probation for a weapons charge. The criminal charge prohibits him from playing overseas, so there goes that option.

Last, but not least, Delonte West allegedly was romantically involved with the mother of former teammate LeBron James. 

No word yet on whether Home Depot chose to hire him.