Delonte West & His $25,000 ‘Wet Willy'

Delonte West Wet WillyPoint guard Delonte West of the Dallas Mavericks is in the news again and, as usual, the news is not good.

Late in the second quarter of Utah's eventual triple overtime victory over Dallas Monday evening, West fouled Gordon Hayward of the Jazz. As the two were walking up court, West suddenly gave Hayward a "Wet Willy," an old elementary school trick in which one licks his index finger and then sticks it in an unsuspecting person's ear. West received a technical foul for his misdeed and three days later, a $25,000 fine from the NBA office.

West told the media that he was just trying to "get some lint out of Hayward's ear."  He added that he had no hard feelings toward Hayward, which really baffled the press. 

Hayward, on the other hand, was not amused by West's antics. 

"I initially thought about ripping off his finger and fighting," said Hayward.   

Added the Butler alum, “There's more important things than fighting someone out on the court. The more important thing was getting the win and we were able to do that."