Delonte West Was Homeless At The Start Of The Season

Delonte West Was Homeless At The Start Of The SeasonThe NBA lockout affected many players, but none more so than Dallas Mavericks guard Delonte West. 

The eight-year NBA player continues to owe significant amounts of money in both legal fees (2009 weapons charges) and divorce fees. So, despite earning $15 million throughout his pro career, West is nearly broke. 

During the lockout, West took a job at a furniture store in Maryland, while at the same time selling off items such as vehicles and jewelry.

In addition to his financial woes, West suffers from bipolar disorder, a condition that causes serious mood swings.

Once the NBA season finally began, West claimed he could not find an apartment in Dallas due to his criminal record. As a result, he slept in the locker room or in his truck when the team was at home. Once his terrible living situation came to the attention of the Mavericks, club owner Mark Cuban arranged for an apartment for West, in a building owned by a friend of the billionaire owner.    

West, a St. Joseph's (PA) alum, is averaging 8.3 points and 3.4 assists per game for Dallas this season, while receiving $840,000 in salary.