Dennis Rodman is No Worm!!!!

The below story and photo was submitted by a South Florida reader. 

So, there we are flying from Minneapolis back to Miami after a nice week with the family. We had our two little kids with us (age 3 and 9 months) and we were ready for what is always an adventure flying with two little kids. Then, all of the sudden, we see Dennis FRICKING Rodman sitting one row in front of us! (we were the first row of coach, The Worm was last row of first class). As soon as the legendary Rodman put his bag in the overhead compartment he saw us with our kids and immediately came over to introduce himself to us and ask our kids names and age.

Then much to the amazement of everyone around us, he sat and played with our kids for about five minutes! He even fed our daughter some baby food and was incredibly sweet and good hearted with the kids. For a guy that has an intimidating physical look and reputation, he couldn't have been friendlier, kid friendly or more personable.

After he played with our kids he went up and down the airplane aisle and introduced himself to everyone on the flight, shaking hands, taking pics, etc. as if he worked for Delta!

The Worm may be an enigma, but he's OUR WORM now!