Denver Nuggets Set All-Time Mark For Futility

Nuggets 0-22 from three-point range, set record for three-point missesAmid all the holiday festivities of the previous few days, NBA fans around the country may have missed an amazing accomplishment that took place during the Denver Nuggets 101-93 loss to the Portland Trail Blazers, last Thursday night. In the defeat, the Nuggets managed to set an all-time NBA record for shooting ineptitude, when shooting 0-22 from three-point range, in a woeful exhibition of long range marksmanship.

Explained Denver coach George Karl:  "I don't think anybody took a bad three. If you're going to have that line out there, you have to use it. You need to shoot around 33 percent and we were far from that tonight."

No truth to the rumor that Denver fans plan to petition the NBA to lower or perhaps widen the basket, considering that their team now ranks number 27 in three-point accuracy.