Dirk, Kidd, Chandler, Carlisle, Barea & Marion Board Bus Prior to Game 2 Victory in LA (videos)

Wednesday, the Dallas Mavericks took a stunning 2-0 series lead over the Los Angeles Lakers, after defeating the two-time defending champs 93-81 at Staples Center. Three hours prior to the game, a confident Mavs squad boarded their first charter bus and headed east to the Lakers' home arena in Downtown LA. During visits to Southern California, the team from Big D stays at the Ritz-Carlton, Marina Del Rey. This seaside luxury hotel is located 17 miles west of Staples.

The group of Mavs' big names riding on the initial charter included ( in chronological order): all-time great point guard Jason Kidd, power forward Tyson Chandler, head coach Rick Carlisle, superstar forward Dirk Nowitzki, point guard J.J. Barea and versatile forward Shawn Marion.  Each one of the above figures played an integral role in Dallas' outstanding Game 2 performance. Take a look at the following ifollosports.com original videos showing the team doing their thing underneath the bright sunny skies and palm trees of LA.