Garcetti, Jordan, Griffin, Paul, Rivers & Ballmer At Clippers Festival (Videos)

DeAndre Jordan Blake Griffin Chris Paul speech at Clippers Fan FestivalMonday, in conjunction with former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer officially becoming the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, the team held a free of charge fan festival, at their home arena of Staples Center. The gala featured appearances and speeches by the mayor of Los Angeles, as well as multiple members of the Clippers organization, including Ballmer.

Below is a look at the day's keynotes speakers. The celebration was emceed by longtime Clippers play-by-play man Ralph Lawler.


Mayor Eric Garcetti addressing the crowd.


Lawler introducing the eight active roster players in attendance.  In order of introduction, the players present were CJ Wilcox, Reggie Bullock, Jordan Farmar, Jared Dudley, Matt Barnes, DeAndre Jordan, Blake Griffin and Chris Paul.


Jordan, Griffin and Paul sharing their excitement with the fans.


Head Coach/President of Basketball Operations Doc Rivers discussing how thrilled he is to be working for Ballmer.


Ballmer offers high fives to the overjoyed audience, as he makes his way to the stage. The 58-year-old then embarks on a passionate speech about his love of basketball, Los Angeles and Larry (reference to the Larry O'Brien Trophy). The highly exuberant billionaire reiterated that he has no plans on moving the team away from LA, while also opining on his believe in supporting key people within an organization, being bold, not timid and always exercising optimism.  

Ballmer noted the time when former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff/Secretary of State Colin Powell told a Microsoft meeting that “optimism is a force multiplier.”

Ballmer finished his speech with a resounding “Go Clippers!” scream.


Rivers and Ballmer talking, shortly after the conclusion of the event.